Joy DesRosiers-McMartin

September 14, 2018

I love my new dentures. Matthew was wonderful and his work is perfection. After having a bad experience in the past I found this experience such a pleasure. Thank you Matthew for a job well done. I am so happy with the fit and the appearance. You are such a nice person and I am very glad to have met you. Thank you 5++++

Sydney Lonsberry

June 27, 2018

My husband had full uppers done about two months ago and after the the first (and only) adjustment appointment, he’s had no problems what so ever. No irritation or discomfort.
His smile looks incredible, the tooth colour and bite look perfect and very natural, you’d never know he was wearing dentures.
Matthew was easy to talk to, welcomed questions and concerns and was incredibly friendly, plus he had a really smart way of seeing where everyone was when it came to pricing.
I would (and will) recommend anyone I know looking to get dentures to go to here.

Paulina Timmermans-Osak

May 25, 2018

In October 2017 I learned that my adventure with dentures was about to begin. Without a second thought I went to see Matthew, as he had done some repairs to a partial for me, kn the past. We sat down and he explained everything in detail….what is going to happen….what might happen….and what could happen., worst case senario. After 4 appointments, with thorough explanations about everything with fit, with colour, etc. I had a set of immediate dentures. Matthew was always there when I needed an adjustment, which were very few.
Thanks to Matthew’s attention to detail, I have a beautiful smile, a great fitting set of dentures, and In a short period of time I am eating hamburgers, steak, sandwiches, subway. And best of all no one even knows that I have dentures. You bet I will recommend Culp Denture Clinic to everyone. Dentures are very expensive, get a pair that fit and a denturist that is there for you, it will make the adventure a whole lot easier.
Thank you Matthew Culp

Robert Krueger

April 14, 2017

At 50 I entered a new stage of life….the removal of my teeth and the introduction to dentures. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. Then I met Matthew, right from the first visit he made me feel right at ease totally explaining the whole procedure in a realistic and in laymen’s term I could understand. He took an embarrassing and fearful situation and made me understand that it would all be ok. After the procedures were done his after care was nothing less than amazing. He told me that for the next few months we were going to become friends. He took every call and concern with true concern for my wellbeing. Even when I felt I was being a “wimp” he would listen and make adjustments and I ALL WAYS left his office feeling much better. I without a doubt recommend Matthew to anyone!!! I came away from Culp Dental Clinic with fantastic smile, a great set of dentures and a good friend. Thanks Matt!